Can I Visit Bordeaux Wineries from Paris in One Day?

Yes, it is possible to visit Bordeaux wineries from Paris in one day. You can take an early high-speed train or plane, then rent a car at the train station or at the airport or hop on a wine tour.

Yes, it is possible to visit Bordeaux wineries from Paris in one day. To reach Bordeaux chateaux, you can take an early high-speed train or hop on a plane, then rent a car at the train station or the airport or join a wine tour

You should be able to fit in one to three Bordeaux chateau tastings and a quick lunch before heading back to Paris depending on how early you arrive.

A one-day tour to Bordeaux will require some planning and sticking to a tight schedule. 

For a more relaxed trip, I recommend staying in Bordeaux at least overnight.  Besides its wine country, the city of Bordeaux has a lot to offer: breathtaking architecture, summer wine and river festivals, cozy cafes and restaurants, wine bars, open-air markets, fresh oysters, and more.

However, if you are determined to visit Bordeaux wineries in a day, it is entirely doable and these are some options.

How to Get from Paris to Bordeaux?

Paris to Bordeaux by train

Hop on an early TGV train from Paris Montparnasse station to Bordeaux Saint-Jean.  Book your tickets online.

You can either print out your train tickets or have them on your phone in the form of a QR code. I recommend downloading or keeping a print screen of the QR code as the internet connection cuts out in some areas along the Paris-Bordeaux train line.  

Train tickets are sold for the 1st or the 2nd class. Depending on your train, there will be a selection of seats with a power outlet, on the first or the second level on a train, with or without a meal.  The first-class tickets are usually only a few euros more expensive but you get more space and more options.  

High-speed trains between Paris and Bordeaux run approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes. There are trains with 3 or 4 stops along the way that take approximately 3 hours.  You may want to avoid these slower trains if you only plan one day in Bordeaux.  Delays are not very common, but not unusual. 

Beware of potential strikes. If there is a strike, you will be refunded for any unused tickets.  If your train is canceled, try re-booking for another time on the same day, as usually SNCF, the French train company, would only cancel half of the trains during the strike.

Paris to Bordeaux by air

A flight from Paris to Bordeaux takes 1 hour. Flights depart from both Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and the Orly (ORY) airports. 

The Bordeaux Merignac Airport (BOD) is approximately 30 minutes away from the city center by car and about the same to the nearest wine regions – Pessac-Leognan and Margaux.  

Paris to Bordeaux by car

A private transfer from Paris to Bordeaux will take approximately 5 hours.

Transportation to Bordeaux Wineries

Once you arrive at Bordeaux, your options in terms of transportation to the Bordeaux wineries are:

1.  rent a car at Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station or the Merignac Airport

2. take a train to Saint-Emilion or Margaux from Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station

3. arrange a pickup with a private driver who will organize winery visits for you and take you around

4. head over to the center of Bordeaux and join a group wine tour.

Option 3 is the most hassle-free but could be a bit more pricey than a car rental or a train trip.

Let’s discuss each of these options in more detail.

Rent a Car in Bordeaux

Both the Merignac Airport and Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station have car rental offices.

As you disembark from your Paris train, you will have to find your way to Hall 3 through the underground tunnel to reach the car rental companies’ offices.  Here is a plan of the Bordeaux Saint-Jean station.

Car rental offices can be found in Between Terminal A nd Terminal B of the Bordeaux Airport (BOD).  You can easily walk from both terminals, as the airport is not large.  

Train Trip to Saint-Emilion or Margaux

Once you are at Bordeaux Saint-Jean station you can take a short-haul train to either Saint -Emilion or Margaux.  I do not recommend taking a train to Pauillac as it will take you over an hour. Plus, the wineries in Pauillac are not that easily accessible from the train station.

See train schedules here.  

Bear in mind that some walking will be required to reach wineries from the train stations.  Budget for at least half an hour’s walk. 

See my map of Bordeaux wineries here.

Private Wine Tour in Bordeaux

Getting on a private tour is the easiest and most time-efficient way of visiting Bordeaux wineries. Your guide will make tasting reservations at the chateaux, meet you at the train station and make sure that you make it on time to your return train.

Find Bordeaux private tour suggestions here.

I organize private tours to Bordeaux wineries.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Top Bordeaux Chateaux

Small-Group Tours in Bordeaux

A small-group wine tour is an excellent way to visit wineries and meet fellow  winelovers. To join a group tour, you will need to get to the city center.  

From the train station, get on a tram to the Quinconces station or grab a taxi, or Uber to  the Bordeaux Office of Tourism located at 12, Cours du 30 Juillet. Most Bordeaux wine tours depart from just in front of the Office of Tourism.  

Tours usually leave at 9-30 am or at 2 pm and return you to the same spot at 5-30 pm or 6 pm. Full-day tours typically visit 3 wineries, while half-day tours typically stop at two wineries, or one winery and the town of Saint Emilion. 

You will need to book your wine tour in advance.  See some options here.

Bordeaux Wine Regions Closest to Bordeaux

Pessac-Leognan Wine Region

Pessac-Leognan is the closest to the city of Bordeaux. Some of the Pessac wineries are within the greater Bordeaux limits.

You may find my article about visiting Pessac-Leognan and the list of Pessac-Leognan wineries useful.  I have included the most popular wineries that accept visitors.

Margaux Wine Region

Another famous Bordeaux wine region is Margaux in the Medoc area. It is home to the iconic Chateau Margaux. A drive from the city center to the villages of Cantenac and Margaux takes approximately 30-40 minutes by a narrow 2-lane road (D2).

Saint-Emilion Wine Region

Saint-Emilion is connected to Bordeaux by a good highway.  From Gare Saint-Jean, the drive would take approximately 45 minutes. 

Merlot is king in Saint-Emilion.  Saint-Emilion and its neighbor Pomerol are home to some of the top wineries in Bordeaux. Besides, in this wine region, you can visit the village of Saint-Emilion, which allegedly dates back to the 9th century.

Sample 1-Day Bordeaux Itineraries

Here are some ideas about how your one-day trip to Bordeaux might work:

1. Arrive to Bordeaux at 9 am.  Allow 1 hour for car rental formalities Make a winery appointment at 11 am.  Book lunch at  12-30.  Second winery appointment at 2-30 pm.  Return to the train station at 5 pm.  Allow 20 minutes for car drop-off.

2. Arrive to Bordeaux at 9 am.  Meet your private tour guide at the station or the airport. Visit 2 wineries before lunch.  Enjoy lunch in Saint-Emilion.  Another tasting after lunch.  Get dropped off at the station at 5-30 pm.

3. Arrive in Bordeaux at 9 or 10 am.  Explore the city center and have lunch. Hop onto a half-day wine tour at 2 pm.  Arrive at the center of Bordeaux at 6 pm.  Allow at least 30 minutes to get to the train station during rush hour.

Enjoy your Bordeaux wine tastings. Get more tips on visiting wineries in Bordeaux in my blog.  

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Enjoy your time in Bordeaux!

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