10 Best Saint Emilion Wineries to Visit – Recommended by a Local Wine Guide

The most interesting Bordeaux wineries in Saint Emilion, France

There are approximately 800 wineries in Saint Emilion, France.  Most wineries are small family-owned estates with vineyards as small as 5 to 15 acres.  

Wine production in Saint Emilion dates back to gallo-roman times.  From the 12th to the 15th century, Saint Emilion has been producing wines that were exported to England.

For your Saint Emilion wine tour, I suggest to pick a top-rated winery or an intimate tasting experiences with a winemaker himself.

Here is the list of my favorite wineries to visit in Saint Emilion.  

Click on a picture to find out more about each estate.


Chateau Pavie

Why to visit?

  • Classified Saint Emilion 1st Grand Cru Classe A, Chateau Pavie is one of the top four wineries in Saint-Emilion. A wine tour to Chateau Pavie is one of the rare opportunities to visit one of the most prestigious wineries in Bordeaux and in the world.
  • Excellent views over the famous terraced vineyards and the Dordogne valley from the top point of the vineyards.
  • At Chateau Pavie, everything is impressive and luxurious – wines, interiors, cellars, and the tasting room.
  • Watch my video about a visit to Chateau Pavie.

Chateau La Gaffeliere

Top-rated wines, Tours & tastings, Wine shop, No reservation tasting

Why to visit?

  • Chateau La Gaffeliere is classified as Saint Emilion 1st Grand Cru Classe B. The estate is one of the top wineries in Saint-Emilion.
  • Besides its excellent wines, in my opinion, the chateau has the most attractive fermentation room in the whole Bordeaux wine region.
  • Chateau La Gaffeliere is easily accessible by foot from the town of Saint Emilion and the train station.
  • Guided wine tastings are available at the winery boutique.

Chateau Grangey

Why to visit?

  • If you like first-hand experience at a small family chateau, young winemakers Franck and Elodie will show you around their small but modernised winery.
  • At Chateau Grangey you will enjoy lovely scenery of Saint Emilion wine country away from crowds.
  • Excellent wines – do not miss the 2015 Chateau Grangey.  

Chateau Tour St Christophe

Accomodation, Wine & food pairing, Tours & tastings, Wine shop, No reservation tasting

Why to visit?

  • Excellent, diverse wines and a great value for money at this small winery.
  • Usually the generous tastings include both Saint Emilion and Pomerol wines from Chateau Tour Saint Chirstophe’s sister properties.
  • Beautiful views from a high point of the Saint Emilion wine region.  
  • The hospitality at Chateau Tour Saint Christophe is exemplary. You will get a private personalized tour experience guided by friendly staff.
  • Wine boutique and souvenir shop with all wines of the Kwok family.

Chateau Mangot

Visit to Chateau Mangot, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classe
Workshops, Wine & food pairing, Tours & tastings, Wine shop, Picnic

Why to visit?

  • Chateau Mangot is a family winery that is placed out of the way in a beautiful valley.  I always enjoy a scenic drive to Chateau Mangot.
  • Very diverse Saint-Emilion wines of top quality.  Besides Saint-Emilion and Cote de Castillion reds you will find their popular M de Mangot white and rose.
  • The winery offers a romantic picnic in the garden with view of vineyards.  

Chateau de Pressac

Top-rated wines, Tours & tastings, Wine shop, Remarkable architecture
Why to visit?
  • Hands down, the best of view in Saint-Emilion from the hill.
  • The impressive historic castle of Chateau de Pressac was built on the place of the old chateau where the final accords of the Hundred Years War were signed in 1453.
  • Unique wine blend for Saint-Emilion, which is a combination of all local black grape varieties.

Chateau Villemaurine

Top-rated wines, Wine & food pairing, Tours & tastings, Wine shop
Why to visit?
  • You will be impressed by the underground cellars under the vineyards of Chateau Villemaurine. Spooky, but extremely entertaining.  Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes.
  • The chateau is conveniently located within the walls of Saint Emilion.
  • I recommend to select a private tour with wine-food pairing, as public tours can be crowded due to the winery’s proximity to the town.

Chateau Coutet

Why to visit?
  • Enjoy authentic experience at a small family vineyard at Chateau Coutet.
  • The chateau uses sustainable agriculture practices and produces internationally acclaimed wines.

Chateau de Ferrand

Accomodation, Kids' activities, Workshops, Wine & food pairing, Tours & tastings, Wine shop
Why to visit?
  • The highlight of the chateau visit is tasting from a barrel guided by an experienced sommelier.
  • The new tasting of Chateau de Ferrand is impressive as well as their tasting offers and workshops.

Chateau Franc Mayne

Why to visit?
  • The underground cellars of Chateau Franc Mayne are definitely worth a visit. 
  • The views of the Dordogne valley are some of the best in the area.  
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