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Wine & Soul

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In 2001, Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges embarked on an exciting winemaking project known as Wine & Soul.

Their winery, located in the charming Vale Mendiz area just north of Pinhão, is a captivating blend of innovation and rustic charm. It occupies a historic space that was once an old Port lodge.

Sandra and Jorge started making Pintas wine from their 2-hectare plot of 70-year old vines comprised of 30 different grape varieties, later adding other neighbouring plots in the Pinhao valley.


Wine & Soul offers a variety of experience for visitors from simple tastings, to picnic lunch at Quinta da Manoella and creating your own bottle of wine.

Their tastings are intimate and well-organized. Enjoy their excellent wines, beautiful views and a chance to meet one of the most regarded young winemakers in Portugal.

Red wines

Quinta do Manoella
Pintas Character

White wines

Quinta do Manoella
Vinha Do Altar Reserva

Rose wines

Quinta do Manoella

Other products

Manoella port wines
5G Five Generations Port wine
Pintas Olive oil

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