The 10 Best Douro Valley Wine Tours in 2024

Identifying the “best” Douro Valley wine tours is subjective and hinges on individual preferences, like choosing between private and group tours, visiting specific wineries, or seeking unique experiences. 

In this article, I detail different wine tour options available in the Douro Valley and highlight the most highly praised tours based on consistent positive reviews.


In this article:

What Are the Best Douro Valley Tours?

To begin with, I recommend understanding the various types of wine tours offered in the Douro Valley and then tailoring your selection based on criteria that are significant to you.


Firstly, you need to decide whether you are looking for a private or a group tour.

Private tours are more luxurious, flexible, and efficient, but they cost more. Another benefit of a private tour is that you get to taste higher-end wines, and the visits can be tailored to your interests.

On a private tour, you will be collected from your accommodation in Porto or elsewhere in the Douro Valley. A private local guide will take you around in a luxury car. You can select your wineries and opt for some premium tasting experiences at wineries. A private Douro River cruise is often included in the program.

Group tours are a fun way to spend a day in the Douro Valley with 6-7 like-minded people from all over the world. Enjoy conversation and wine together.

From my experience, group tours would start at a meeting point or collect you at your accommodation in Porto, but not from other locations, and normally, there is no pick-up option if you are staying in the Douro Valley.

The group tour program typically includes visiting 2 wineries, lunch, and an optional river cruise from Pinhão. The program, which lasts 9-10 hours, is tailored to visitors who would like to enjoy the beauty of the Douro Valley and learn about the wines.

Private tours tend to range between 250 and 350 euros per person, while group tours start from 100 euros per person.


Wine tours to the Douro Valley typically begin in Porto and Lisbon, with some also originating from Régua or Pinhão within the Douro region.

While there aren’t as many wine tours starting directly from Régua and Pinhão, they are ideal for those opting to travel by train to the valley and join an experience there.

Private tours offer more flexibility, as they can pick you up from your hotel in Porto or your accommodation in the Douro Valley.

While the majority of tours to the Douro Valley prioritize visits to wineries and wine tastings, there are alternative options that place a greater emphasis on sightseeing, exploring historic towns, and visiting museums.

Tours may be focused either on port wine or dry wine tastings.  However, in general, tours offer a combination of these experiences.

Both group and private tours may include a river cruise. 

Typically, it is a 1-hour cruise up the Douro river in a traditional “rabelo” boat.

In my opinion, the tour is well worth it as the views from the riverboat are quite fantastic.

Group visits offer interesting experiences, but cater to wine beginners and general interests.

Private tours may take you to modern winemakers at Wine & Soul or at Maçanita Wines, or premium wine tastings at Alves de Sousa.

Which are the Best Group Tours in the Douro Valley?

Douro Valley near Pinhão

This Douro group tour boasts an impressive 3000 5-star reviews. It guides you to two traditional wineries and treats you to a delightful lunch at a local restaurant. During the tour, you’ll have the chance to taste some of Douro’s finest products, including olive oil and honey.

The itinerary includes a stop in the village of Pinhão. Here, you can opt for a one-hour boat trip along the river and explore the historical Pinhão railway station, renowned for its 24 tile panels depicting the Douro landscapes and scenes of traditional winemaking.

The tour also stops at Casal de Loivos viewpoint, one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Douro.

You will have a maximum of 8 people on this tour.  The price is quite an affordable 127.50 euros per person.

This tour has only 5-star reviews and mostly for the friendly, welcoming and professional guides, creating the best memories.

Meet your group in front of the McDonalds Imperial in Porto – Praça da Liberdade 126 and embark on your Douro Valley adventure which includes a drive through Régua and Pinhão, visits of two wineries and a river boat tour.  All at reasonable 155 euros per person.

Another popular Douro Valley tour starts at a meeting point in Porto.  However, you can request a pickup at your hotel in Porto.

The program includes a port wine tasting, lunch at a very nice restaurant the River in Régua, and a visit to Quinta de Santa Julia followed by a boat trip.

The guides get very good reviews and at 99.99 euros per person it stands out as one of the best-value options in the Douro Valley.

Meet in front of the Porto City Hall just across the Avenida dos Aliados 266 and join this tour by a small company led by one of their excellent guides.

The tour is getting stellar reviews for the efficient itinenary, friendly and knowledgeable guide and an authentic lunch.

This tour is limited to groups of 2 to 5 people.

The itinerary is a bit different from other those above.  On the way to the Douro Valley, you will visit the the historic city of Amarante, and then discover the famous Mateus Palace near Vila Real. 

The tour then stops in Favaios, a unique winemakers’ village known for sweet Moscatel wines.  As you descend to Pinhão, hop on a one-hour Douro river cruise.  

Which are the Best Private Tours in the Douro Valley?

The program includes hotel pickup, a visit to a boutique winery with tastings of Port wines and DOC Douro wines included.  After an upscale lunch in a restaurant with a panoramic view, board the private river cruise.

Alongside a private guide, stop at several key locations in the region including Pinhão,  Régua, and Lamego.  You will visit 3 different wineries, stop at beautiful viewpoints and have lunch including typical Douro Valley delicacies.

Timur from Nomad Steps will pick you up in Porto and take you to the Douro Valley he knows all about.

One stop will be at a small family-owned winery that has been producing wines and olive oils for four generations, Another stop is a at bigger winery that uses modern technology to produce award winning ports. 

Timur carefully plans your lunch option as he will provide you with several restaurant choices.

This tour has an interesting educational side.  You will visit a “boutique” cellar for a premium wine tasting accompanied by a sommelier and guide. 

During a stop at one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the region, admire the art of sabrage and taste some Portuguese sparkling wine. 

The tour includes a one-hour ride in a “Rabelo” boat followed by another premium tasting.

If you prefer a self-guided wine tour, my Map of Douro Valley wineries could be a valuable resource. In my blog, I extensively cover the top wineries to explore in the Douro Valley, recommend excellent restaurants, and share insights into other great experiences within this magical wine region.


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