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The original winery was founded in 1764. Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo has been listed since the first demarcation of the Douro wine region in 1756.

Today, Quinta Nova has 120 hectares of vineyards. Since 1999, the estate has been owned by the Amorim family who is made their fortune on producing cork stoppers for port wine.

Today the focus of Quinta Nova is on high-quality dry red and white wines, from mainstream Pomares brand to high-end Mirabilis.

Come here for excellent wines, warm hospitality, a wonderful hotel, and a Terracu restaurant with a view of the Douro river and the valley. Not to be forgotten – Quinta Nova is the only estate in the Douro with a Wine Museum presenting artefacts of port wine production in the 19th and the 20th century.


Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is the first wine estate in the Douro to open wine tourism facilities, and is one of the most highly-rated wine tourism spots in Portugal.

Visits and tastings are available from Tuesday to Saturday. There is a beautiful tasting room with a panoramic views where wines can be can be accompanied by tapas.

Quinta Nova is a part of the relais & Chateaux network. You can stay at the manor house of Quinta Nova located next to the original winery, built in 1764 and feel the ambience of a large Portuguese family home, surrounded by the valley’s spectacular scenery.

Sample exquisite wines enjoy genuinely delicious food in the Terraçu’s restaurant that guarantees an excellent service, marked by an attentive and knowledgeable team.

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Red wines

Aeternus, Douro DOC
Quinta Nova Unoaked
Quinta Nova Terroir Blend Reserva
Quinta Nova Grande Reserva
Quinta Nova Grande Reserva Referencia
Mirabilis Tinto
Grainho Tinto Reserva
Pomares Tinto

White wines

Mirabilis Branco
Grainho Branco Reserva
Pomares Branco

Rose wines

Quinta Nova Rose

Other products

Quinta Nova Vintage LBV Porto
Quinta Nova Vintage Porto

Grape varieties

20% Touriga Nacional
24% Touriga Franca
11% Tinta Barroca
6% Tinto Cão
17% Tinta Roriz
4% Tinta Amarela
3% Souzão
3% Tinta Francisca

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