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Quinta de la Rosa

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The port wine shippers, the Bergqvist family, has owned Quinta de la Rosa since 1906 when it was given to Claire Feuerheerd by her English grandmother. Starting in the early 1990s, the family was one of the pioneers in producing high-quality dry red wines in the Douro Valley.

Today, Quinta de la Rosa develops around 55 hectares of vineyards and produces around 80,000 litres of port and 300,000 litres of wine each year.

Quinta de la Rosa Craft Beer came up in 2017 with the idea to adapt La Rosa’s wine equipment to see whether making the Douro’s first craft beer was possible. Today La Rosa IPA and La Rosa Lager are brewed at Quinta de la Rosa.


You can customize your tasting experience to taste wine, port wine or both, as well as pair wines with local cold meats, cheeses, almonds and chocolate. Self-guided tour of vineyards is a possibility too.

Red wines

La Rosa
La Rosa Reserva
Vale do Inferno

White wines

La Rosa
La Rosa Reserva
Tim Grande Reserva

Rose wines

La Rosa Rose

Other products

Quinta de la Rosa port wines
La Rosa Craft Beer

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