What are the Top Wineries in Saint Emilion, France (List)

Saint Emilion wineries were first officially ranked in 1955.  

The top three tiers in the classification are:

1. Premier (1st) Grand Cru Classe A – currently, 4 wineries

2. Premier (1st) Grand Cru Classe B – currently, 14 wineries

3. Grand Cru Classe – currently, 63 wineries.

This, only 81 wineries in Saint Emilion are referred to as classified growth, the remaining 700 market their wines as Saint Emilion Grand Cru or Saint Emilion AOC.

According to the rules, wineries have to apply for classification every ten years. Upon the review, wineries can be promoted or demoted.

The next reclassification of Saint Emilion wines is expected in 2022.

The classification process is carried out by the French regulation body INAO – The National Institute of Origin and Quality.

It was interesting to find out that it is not only the wine that is being tasted.  In fact, there are many other criteria, such as facilities, parking, etc. that go into the final score. 

Please note that not all wineries in Saint Emilion area are open to public. 

If you are looking to visit a winery, check out my Bordeaux wineries catalogue and my article on Top 10 Wineries to Visit in Saint Emilion or contact me – I organize private Bordeaux wine country tours and will be happy to help you out.

Classification of Saint Emilion Wineries 2012

These are the top wineries in Saint Emilion.  

Chateau Angelus and Chateau Pavie were added to the “A” Group in 2012.

Premier Grand Cru Classé 'A' 

Château Angélus
Château Ausone
Château Cheval Blanc

Château Pavie

The second tier, 1st Grand Cru Classe B, includes  14 Saint Emilion estates.

Premier Grand Cru Classé 'B'

Château Beau-Séjour Bécot

Château Beauséjour (Duffau-Lagarrosse)
Château Bélair-Monange
Château Canon
Château Canon-la-Gaffelière

Château Figeac

Château La Gaffelière

Château Larcis Ducasse
Château Pavie-Macquin

Château Troplong Mondot

Château Trotte Vieille
Château Valandraud
Clos Fourtet
La Mondotte
Grand Cru Classé
Château Balestard la Tonnelle
Château Barde-Haut

Château Bellefont-Belcier

Château Bellevue
Château Berliquet
Château Cadet Bon
Château Cap de Mourlin
Château Chauvin
Château Clos de Sarpe
Château Corbin
Château Côte de Baleau
Château Dassault

Château de Ferrand

Château de Pressac

Château Destieux
Château Faugères
Château Faurie de Souchard
Château Fleur-Cardinale
Château Fombrauge
Château Fonplégade
Château Fonroque

Château Franc Mayne

Château Grand Corbin
Château Grand Corbin-Despagne
Château Grand Mayne
Château Grand Pontet
Château Guadet
Château Haut Sarpe
Château Jean Faure
Château l'Arrosée
Château la Clotte
Château la Commanderie
Château la Couspaude

Château la Dominique

Château La Fleur Morange
Château la Madelaine
Château La Marzelle
Château La Serre
Château La Tour Figeac
Château Laniote
Château Larmande
Château Laroque
Château Laroze
Château Le Prieuré
Château les Grandes Murailles
Château Monbousquet
Château Moulin du Cadet
Château Pavie-Decesse
Château Peby Faugères
Château Petit Faurie de Soutard
Château Quinault l'Enclos
Château Ripeau
Château Rochebelle
Château Saint Georges (Côte Pavie)  
Château Sansonnet

Château Soutard

Château Tertre Daugay

Château Villemaurine

Château Yon Figeac
Clos de l'Oratoire
Clos des Jacobins
Clos Saint-Martin
Couvent des Jacobins

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