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Chateau Guiraud

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Chateau Guiraud
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The Guiraud family of merchants, founders of the modern estate at the end of the 18th century, gave the name to the chateau.

Within three generations, the property was classified as Premier Grand Cru Classé in the 1855 classification ordered by the Emperor Napoleon III.

Since 2006, the chateau is owned by 4 friends, the big names in the France and in the Bordeaux wine industry: Xavier Planty, Robert Peugeout, Olivier Bernard and Stephan Von Niepperg.

This black label is one of the oldest in the Bordeaux region and has remained unchanged since its creation.

The château employs environment-friendly processes that are 100% natural. To protect biodiversity in the vineyard, the chateau plants tree hedges and grasses between the rows, installs hives for pollinating insects.


Château Guiraud is open 7 days a week
Weekends and holidays included

10 am – 6 pm with or without appointment
French, English and Norwegian

White wines

Chateau Guiraud (sweet)
Petit Guiraud (sweet)
G de Chateau Guiraud (dry)

Grape varieties

Sauvignon blanc 35%
Semilion 65%

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