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Ernesto, Giacomo and Ferruccio Grimaldi – three generations of winemakers have worked in the beautiful Langhe area with castles and vineyards.

Founded in 1930, Giacomo Grimaldi is a small family winery producing a select number of wines. Four Barolos – three crus and a classic, traditional Barolo, and Nebbiolo from the Valmaggiore vineyard; two Barberas, one aged in wood and the other to be drunk young; and a Dolcetto d’Alba.

Two white wines Arneis and Sauvignon.


By appointment


Red wines

Barolo Ravera
Barolo Le Coste
Barolo Sotto Castello di Novello
Nebbiolo d’Alba Vigna Valmaggiore
Barbera d’Alba Pìstin
Dolcetto d’Alba

White wines

Langhe Sauvignon
Langhe Arneis

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