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Pira Luigi

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Serralunga d’Alba is an ancient village with a fortress built on top of the hill in the heart of Barolo region.

The Pira family cultivate their vines here on the terroir of hollows and slopes. In Serralunga, the aromas and textures of Barolo are unique at each vineyard. Barolo Margheria is mineral, Barolo Marenca is powerful and Barolo Vignarionda is elegant.

In the 90s, the winery was refurbished to enable the production of high-quality Barolo.

Fermentation occurs in automatic tanks with temperature control. For ageing they use both small 225 or 500-liter French oak barrels and large 2500-liter Slavonian oak barrels.


By appointment.

Red wines

Luigi Pira Barolo Vignarionda
Luigi Pira Barolo Margheria
Luigi Pira Barolo Marenca
Luigi Pira Barolo Serralunga
Luigi Pira Dolcetto d’Alba
Luigi Pira Langhe Nebbiolo
Luigi Pira Barbera d’Alba

Grape varieties


Wine Tours
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