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Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

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In the XIX century Giovanni Rinaldi bought a farmhouse on a hill. Today, generations after, owners Paola and Piera Rinaldi make some of the finest Barolo wine of the most prestigious crus. They introduced a more modern approach to wine making and developed exports to the USA, Northern Europe and the Far East.


By appointment.

Red wines

Barolo Cannubi Riserva D.o.c.g.
Barolo D.o.c.g. Brunate
Barolo D.o.c.g.
Barbaresco D.o.c.g.
Nebbiolo d’Alba D.o.c.
Langhe D.o.c. Nebbiolo
Barbera d’Alba D.o.c.
Dolcetto d’Alba D.o.c. Roussot
Dolcetto d’Alba D.o.c.
Grignolino d’Asti D.o.c.

White wines

Gavi D.o.c.g.

Other products

Grappa di Nebbiolo da Barolo

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