Medoc Wine Tour Guide

Plan your own self-guided wine tour in the Medoc wine region of Bordeaux, France.

My name is Polina. I am a wine tour guide and consultant in Bordeaux, France.

In this 50-page guide created for independent travellers, I share my insights and useful information which will make your Medoc wine tour planning a breeze.  Visit the best Medoc chateaux and enjoy the most interesting experiences.

I propose five itinerary options and my suggestions of the best Medoc wineries.  You will find all contact information for the chateaux, as well as recommendations of excellent restaurants and hotels.


About the Medoc

Where is the Medoc?

Why the Medoc?

The Medoc wines

Medoc vs. Saint-Emilion

Medoc wine regions

Map of the Medoc wine regions

How to get to the Medoc?

Which Medoc wine region to choose?

Which Medoc wineries are the closest to Bordeaux?

What is the minimum amount of time needed for a Medoc wine tour?

Where is best to rent a car for winery visits?

How to visit the Medoc wineries?

How many wineries are there in the Medoc?

Are all Medoc wineries open for tastings?

How to make appointments at the Medoc wineries?

How to visit the First-Growth Medoc wineries?

How much is a guided tour and tasting at a Medoc winery?

Which Medoc wineries offer vertical tastings?

What is the cancellation policy at the wineries?

Are the wineries open all year round?

Sample Medoc wine tour itineraries 

Option 1.  3 wineries and lunch

Option 2.  2 wineries and lunch

Option 3.  4 tastings and lunch

Option 4.  Half-day Margaux tour

Medoc Recommendations by Region 


List of Margaux 1855 Grand Cru Classe

Margaux wineries I recommend to visit

Margaux wineries offering tasting only options

Margaux wineries open on the weekends

Margaux wineries that are easy to book

Can we eat at a winery in Margaux?

What to do in Margaux?

Can we stay at a winery in Margaux?


List of Saint-Julien 1855 Grand Cru Classe

Saint-Julien wineries I recommend visiting

Saint-Julien wineries open on weekends

Where to stop for lunch or dinner in Saint-Julien?


List of Pauillac 1855 Grand Cru Classe

Pauillac wineries I recommend to visit


List of Saint-Estephe 1855 Grand Cru Classe

Saint-Estephe wineries I recommend to visit

Can we stay at a winery in Pauillac, Saint-Estephe or Saint-Julien?

Where to Eat in Pauillac and Saint-Estephe?

Medoc Frequently Asked Questions

Medoc wineries with white wines

Medoc wineries with modern architecture

Medoc wineries with beautiful castles

Wineries with restaurants in the Medoc

Organic and biodynamic methods in the Medoc

Picnic in the Medoc

Cooking classes in the Medoc

How to book restaurants in the Medoc?

Parking in the Medoc

What to bring home from the Medoc?

Can I buy wine in the Medoc?

What if we need transportation to take us to the Medoc?

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